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Getting Help

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the course? Or are you just stuck on an assignment? This page has suggestions and links to resources that may help you.

Becoming a successful student is very rewarding but can be hard work too! We need to learn how to become a successful student in order to succeed in college and our careers. Cabrillo has prepared a guide to improve your success called 7 Keys For Academic SUCCESS.

On This Page

Course concepts

Instructor Help

If you are not clear about some concept discussed in class or the textbook, you should contact me. My job is to help you learn the material and I am happy to help you get an answer to a question.

Helping you understand the material is not the same as giving you an answer. I may refer you to the lecture notes or another source for more information.

Online content

Class notes, instructional material, and student assignments are all posted online. You should look at the Home page, which has a link from the Instructor's Page, for a list of the online content.


The textbook is a good way to understand the course content in more depth.

Frequently asked questions

To save yourself the time of visiting the instructor, check the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) under the Quick Index of your course for a list of questions (with answers).

How To's and Tutorial

When you get stuck with technical issues, check out the How To's link under the Quick Index of your course.


You are expected to personally complete the entire assignment yourself unless specifically stated otherwise in the assignment instructions. However, this does not mean that you cannot get clarifications or other help.

Instructor Help

If the assignment seems too hard to complete without help, then you should contact me. My job is to help you learn the material.

As an option, you may discuss your assignment with, and show your code to, another Cabrillo College Computer Science Instructor if they agree to help you. We all have the knowledge and skills needed to help you learn the material.

CS tutoring

If you would like to work with a live person when the instructor is not available, we have some free tutoring available. Visit the STEM Center (Map -click to see room 830) during the CS tutor hours. Another option is the MESA Tutors. Another possible tutoring source is the Tutoring Center.

Note that if you use a tutor, the tutor is not allowed to do your homework assignments for you. A tutor's job is to help you learn the material and you cannot learn if you do not complete the work yourself. Please see the Course Syllabus section on Scholastic Honesty Policy for information on what help a tutor, or anyone else, can give you.

Helping each other

You may help other students, and receive help from other students, and I encourage you to do so. However, there are restrictions on what is permissible. Please see the Course Syllabus section on Scholastic Honesty Policy for information on what help you can give and receive.


You should check your scores frequently during the term. I give written feedback on most assignments, which are designed to help you do better on the next assignment. If you have questions about problems you missed on any exercise or assignment, please see me right away. I want to ensure both that you understand the material and that your grades are accurate and fair.

Support Services

I need medical assistance

Whether you simply have a headache, sprained ankle, are feeling sick, need a flu shot or just want some medical advice, please see Student Health Services, Room 912 next to the cafeteria.

I need someone to talk to

College can be a stressful time for many students. We learn many skills in school, but too often we try to struggle through our difficulties alone, or we resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms because they are easy or well known. Whether you have always struggled with depression or anxiety, or perhaps you have only recently experienced an emotionally traumatic event, please don't hesitate to call Student Health Services, Room 912, 479-6435 to talk on the phone or to schedule an appointment.

I have a disability or need accommodations

All students needing accommodations should provide their instructor a copy of their accommodation letter ASAP. If you think you may have a disability that hinders your ability to reach your full academic potential please contact the Accessibility Support Center, Room 1073, 479-6379 or 479-6370.

I need extra help with my courses

Please contact the instructor or see the CS Tutoring section above.

I am a veteran

Thank you for your service. For financial aid (479-6557), counseling (479-6274), or general information (479- 6110) please visit the Veterans Information Center, room 914.

I am an AB540/undocumented student

The DREAM Resource Program Coordinator can help clarify any questions you may have as well as provide information about college, resources, clubs and scholarships. Please contact Adela Naranjo-Bernabe, 477-3379, adnaranj@cabrillo.edu, Aptos office: room 104; Watsonville office: room A123.

I need help with financial aid

Visit the Welcome Center SAC East building, Aptos: 479-6100 or Watsonville: 786-4701.

I want to feel confident that I am on the path to reaching my academic and career goals

Everyone here at Cabrillo wants to help you and an education plan is one of the best ways to ensure that you are on the right track. If you are unsure about selecting a major, which classes you need to transfer to your dream college or simply just want information about the possible career opportunities within your major of choice then please contact Academic Counseling 479-6274, or the Transfer Center, 479-6385 to schedule an appointment. If you want information about careers in Computer Science, please see your instructor.

What other services are available to me?

Free food, money to help during periods of financial distress (up to $700), day care services and many other programs/services are provided for students. If interested please visit the Student Services office, SAC East room 218, 479-6317 or visit https://www.cabrillo.edu/home/services.html.

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