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Presents an introduction to computer programming using the C++ programming language beginning with basic principles and progressing to object-oriented programs. Includes: algorithms, data types, declarations, expressions, selection, repetition, functions, recursion, libraries, arrays, classes, objects, files and streams. Prepares students for CS 19 or CS 20J

For more information, see the Syllabus.

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Home: This page, which lists the Web-site contents.

Canvas: Access to the following:

  • Announcements: Check for the latest changes in the course.
  • Assessments: Tests and quizzes administered using Canvas.
  • Assignments: For instructions, see Submit Homework Assignments.
  • Discussions: An online meeting place to exchange ideas with other students.
  • My Grades: Each assignment and assessment has scores available in Canvas. For information on grading policies see the syllabus.
  • Solutions: Examples of solutions to assignments.

CodeLab: Access to homework lab exercises.

Schedule : Class topics by date along with a list of assignments and their due dates.

Syllabus: More detailed information about the course of study including a course description, course objectives, textbook information and the course policies.

Room Policies : The "rules" for the classroom.

Help: Suggestions on what to do if you get stuck during the course.

Tutoring resources: Drop in tutoring hours and suggestions on how to work with tutors.

FAQs: Answers to frequently asked questions. See if your question is here!

How To's: Instructions on how to accomplish important tasks for this course.

Links: A list of informational links related to the course.

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